What We Do

The Better Hong Kong Foundation is a politically non-affiliated, privately-funded, non-profit making organisation. Our work falls under four main categories:

Bringing Hong Kong, China and the rest of the world closer together

China’s transformation into one of the leading economic players in Asia has received worldwide recognition, and certainly, with its accession to the World Trade Organization, opportunities abound for greater business development and more cultural exchanges.


The Foundation’s philosophy is simple – we want to foster a deeper understanding of China among the international community. We believe that through mutual discussion and first-hand experience, the world will come to recognise the importance of the developments taking place in China.

Through a series of The Better Hong Kong Foundation sponsored international symposia, exhibitions, and conferences, global audiences have been able to learn more about economic and social developments in China as well as its key industries and financial institutions.

Working for the community and bringing it together

Hong Kong’s success has been built on its most valuable natural resource – its people. Seven million people live in Hong Kong, yet our community’s drive and achievements are the envy of the world.

The Foundation recognises the contributions made by all Hong Kong citizens and works to ensure that our activities have a positive impact on the lives of all those who call Hong Kong home. The Foundation’s goals, beliefs and work are shared with the public at community events and seminars, through the media, as well as at annual festive events – such as Chinese New Year and significant community festivals – that are such an important part of Hong Kong’s cultural life.

Developing trust through discussion and debate

The Foundation builds alliances with leading academic, media and business leaders around the world. The objective is simple – to provide first-hand experience of life in Hong Kong and China. We believe the best way to change perceptions is to see, feel, explore and then exchange ideas about various issues. Through the Foundation’s organised events, opinion leaders from around the world are able to see for themselves the dynamism of our community; to experience the optimism of those who live and work here; to appreciate the exciting economic opportunities and business developments in China and how we might mutually benefit.

Gathering the facts through research

The development of strategy in issues like the competitiveness of the territory and other government policy depends on the acquisition of facts, especially how the public views the economic, business, social and political issues that citizens of a modern cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong have to face. The Foundation has commissioned institutions of higher education and research bodies in Hong Kong to produce a series of social and economic studies on issues of key importance to Hong Kong people, such as port development strategy, tourism, provision for the elderly, relations between Hong Kong and Southern China, and immigration. Regional and global interests are brought to Hong Kong by the Foundation – organised visits and speaking engagements by world-renowned scholars and opinion leaders, increasing its standing as an international city.

Photo credit: Information Services Department of the HKSAR Government